Leachate pumps

​for the pumping of liquids in landfills.

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Trevi (Italy)

Officine di Trevi Since 1968

Officine di Trevi, born in 1968 in Italy (Trevi), produces electric submersible pumps suitable for pumping leachate in landfills. Those pumps are customized according to the conditions of the installation site: they are produced on request directly with the meters of electrical cable necessary avoiding joints and some models (M70) can be used in liquids with a temperature up to 80 ° C. If you need to pump charged liquids such as landfill leachate, we recommend pumps equipped with floating impellers able to resist even the presence of solid particles suspended inside the liquid (Alpha/Beta models).

Why should I need an ATEX certified pump for a landfill?

We are used to define potentially explosive atmospheres all those places where it occurs industrial processes of production and transformation in which there must be chemical reactions or inflammable liquids, but also landfills, even if not industrials, can be hazardous areas due to the presence of dangerous waste and/or biogas from leachate. OFT Ex-proof pumps are projected and manufactured following strict security requirements to guarantee safe operations in explosive atmospheres and to protect environmental safety.

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